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Save the Valle Vidal!

Hello people who love Philmont and New Mexico,

Save the Valle Vidal from drilling! Take an active part in saving this precious area in New Mexico.

What's happening in a nut shell.
Take part in the massive letter writing campaign!
Information about the Valle::

There is a form letter available at the Valle Vidal website. Please sign it and return it to the organization. They also provide addresses for the officials we should contact. I encourage you to write a personal letter to them specifically telling them how the Valle impacted your Scouting, Philmont, and/or New Mexico experiences.

Excellent letter writing guides from Amnesty International:A Quick Guide and A More Detailed Guide

Thank you for taking the time reading this. It probably means that this is important to you. Now, TAKE ACTION! Please spread this to others who value Philmont and your local BSA and/or environmentalist groups.

I want to go back to Philmont,
Alyssa Uphoff

"Donated to the American people in 1982, the Valle Vidal is a lush mountain basin, located in the heart of New Mexico's Sangre de Cristo Mountains. This 100,000 acre gem of the Carson National Forest is abundant with Rocky Mountain wildlife including mule deer, mountain lion, black bear, bald eagles, and native Rio Grande cutthroat trout. The alpine meadows and conifer forests of the Valle Vidal are home to New Mexico's largest elk herd.

With its spectacular vistas, hiking trails, healthy trout streams and wildlife populations, the Valle Vidal is a special place to New Mexico sportsmen, anglers, hikers, wildlife viewers, and Boy Scouts from the adjacent Philmont Scout Ranch. The Valle Vidal comprises the headwaters of both the Canadian and Cimarron Rivers. As a source of fresh water, wildlife, firewood, and grazing lands, the Valle Vidal is a vital resource base for the agricultural and ranching communities of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado." -Coalition for the Valle Vidal
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