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Everybody I love who worked at Philmont must join. No ifs, ands, or buts.
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September 10 2004, 17:40:30 UTC 12 years ago

Anyone know anyhting about the Ranger, Graham Thomas?
yeah, I'm pretty sure I've met him. He was the guy who got an electric scooter at the end of the summer right? Anyway, if you are looking for any contact info on him, I don't have it. I just recognize the name.
Cool guy, I'll see if I can get his contact info.
*sniff* I miss Philmont.
Hey, feel free to join _philmont_, too, since it's been dead there ;)
Where and when did you work at Philmont?

I was at Urraca 2002 and Beaubien 2003.
I was a ranger in '01 and '02, so we probably crossed paths, as we all had to go to Urraca like five million times ;)

I look like this, although back then I didn't have glasses...

I'm sure we did! I was the blonde singer. Still am, actually. You may remember that Urraca had one of the best campfires in 2002 (in my humble opinion). :)